Popo 5 Panel Cap

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Popo 5 Panel Cap 0 0
Product Information
Kinds : Cap
Color : Navy
Material : Corduroy
Dimension : 16-20cm (Adjustable size with a back strap)
Weight : 100 g
Country of Manufacture : Indonesian

Washing instructions and handling precautions
1) Due to the nature of the product, it may be changed or damaged during washing, so please refrain from washing. (When washing, it may be deformed, so it can not be washed)
2) In case of contamination of hair band, wipe gently with a small amount of powdered soap or water soap in a damp cloth.
3) If you get wet, please dry it in a well-ventilated shade with a newspaper or a dry towel.
4) Please do not rub or rub the hat part.
5) Please note that if you put it next to fire, it may change or change its shape.

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