HOW ARE WE? Carousel is Yogyakarta-based clothing line. Established in December 2013, Emphasizing on animal characters as primary features, Carousel tries to offer colorful, fun, and stylish products suitable for both men and women (unisex). With "Animals as Your Bestfriends" tagline, Carousel hopes that people can be inspired to treat animals as their bestfriends.
Carousel chooses 5 animals characters that most people adopted as the main icons. 5 of them are panda, car, pig, dino, and bear. Thanks to brilliant ideas from Carousel Geengs (a special term referring to Carousel followers) who help us to pick up the names, now all of them have attractive names which are "Choco" (bear), "Chilo" (cat), "Popo" (panda), "Pigko" (pig), and "Odin" (dino).

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