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1. Choose the product
You can search and choose the carousel product. For more complete information and get the detail picture, click on the product do you want.

2. Selected size / amount
To make a purchase, you can choose the size/number of carousel items from the product page.

3. Add to cart
After you have selected the product, click 'Add To Cart'. A notification box will appear, then you can see your wishlist product in the 'bag icon'. If you have finished shopping, select and click 'Check Out'.

4. Checkout as guest
If you shopping as a guest, you need to 'Sign-Up' first. You can buy the products only after registered as Carousel Store Web Account. Then fill in 'Register' > 'New Account' with your email identity and password then click 'Register'.

5. Sign in / Sign up
You can immediately 'Sign In', if you have registered as an Carousel Store Web Member. To register as an Carousel Store Web Member click 'Register', and fill in your identity details. If you have registered, you can order without having to fill in the identity details every time you make an order.

6. Delivery & Payment
Fill in the shipping address you want. Check 'Ship to different address', if you want the purchased product to be sent to a different address. Choose the payment method you want. For payments via Internet Banking, you will receive an order list notification email along with invoices and bank details.

7. Submit order
If you have completed payment, visit the web again to enter your 'Order ID' in the payment confirmation link. Then, click 'Submit Order' so that your order can be sent immediately. You will receive your payment confirmation via email after you send your payment details.