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Chilo Tofler

IDR 270,000.00
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What happened if you took carousel's inovative sandal and match it with style and comfort suit for sports? or just for holiday? This toffler sandals can make your style cool and pur characters show the way to go.
Material Upper : Soft-mesh and Measurement Webbing Straps
Material Sol : Rubber
Material Bottom : Eva Pylon
Color : Army
Weight : 1500 gr

Washing Instructions and Handling Precautions :
1. Do not immerse the detergent in the unleavened water and wash it immediately.
2. Please dry immediately after wash.
3. Please separate between white and colored products.
4. If you sweat a lot after wearing, please wash immediately.
5. For natural fiber products, please dry and store enough to avoid damage from mold and pests.
6. Do not allow hot air drying because it may cause deformation of outer appearance.
7. Damage caused by consumer negligence can not be compensated.
8. Never dry.