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Pigko Action Figure

IDR 300,000.00
Pigko Action Figure 2 2


This action figure is specially presented for all medical workers and all indonesian hero figure that fight the covid-19 virus. This action figure is limited stock. all the body can be separated. This is just for display only.
Material : Resin
Color : As the picture
Size : 12 cm
Weight : 1500 gr
Package : With special box

Handling Precautions: 
1. Avoid toys with sharp points and edges.
2. Chocking hazard.
3. Contain small parts.
4. Not for children
5. Less than 3 years.
6. Put toys intended for older kids out of reach of babies and toddlers.

Together we can fight throught this and help with #IndonesiaKuat spirit. Let's hope that everyone who fight for this pandemic always strong, have a good spirit, productive and not losing and other hope. Remember, that in every dark moment there's always hope. 
Please stay at home!
Stay safe. Thankyou.