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Popo Cute Rider Jacket

IDR 335,000.00
Popo Cute Rider Jacket 0 0
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This flight jacket now come up with Indonesian style made by our CAROUSEL's GEEENGS team. flight jacket is a casual jacket that was originally created for pilots and eventually became part of popular culture and apparel. It has evolved into various styles and silhouettes, including the "letterman" jacket and the fashionable "bomber" jacket that is known today.
Material : Outer - Canvas
Color : Brown
Weight : 700 gr

Cleaning method and Handling precautions:
1) Do not close to firearms.
2) Wash your hands with lukewarm water during washing.
3) Do not use chlorine bleach.
4) If it is twisted, it can be deformed, so please dry it in a flat state.
5) Dry sufficiently in a shaded area when drying.